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Illuminate Classes + Kate Densmore present:

The Website Strategy & Design workshop

setting up your website for success


Raise your hand if any of these thoughts have ever run through your head:

“I don’t even like looking at my website because it stresses me out.”

“I get a lot of visitors to my website, but no one is contact me. What am I doing wrong?”

“I hate sending people to my website because I don’t feel like it represents me.”

“I feel like my website is a mess and I don’t know how to make it work for me, my market, or my business.”

“People are constantly emailing me asking for information I already have on my site, or they seem confused about what exactly I do! What am I missing?!?”

Sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place.


I just booked a large branding session based off of the wording & imagery found on my new website!

I never would've done it without Kate’s guidance or this class!


Gina Cooperman, Family & Brand Photographer


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